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About Words of Life Collection

Words to Inspire Courage, equips you with the truth needed to replace fear with the
power and authority you have as a child of God.


This series brings with it empowerment and also peace as you trust in God to do
exceedingly more that you can ever hope or dream.

This series includes an introductory card that explains the purpose and potential
of these cards. Followed by 10 individual cards adorned with an inspirational
quotes created from scripture including biblical references on the back.

Then for those of us who need a real hit of truth I have included a card that has
all 10 quotes on one. Each series also contains a wooden block so that the cards
can easily be displayed wherever you choose.

About the Creator

Hi my name is Leanne and I am the creator of the Words of Life Collection.

I am also a wife, mother, friend and passionate follower of Christ.

My hearts desire is to see people grow in their relationship with God and live out

their God-given calling.

My mission is to equip people with the tools necessary to live a fulfilling
Christian life. My goal is for hearts and minds to be transformed through the

power of the Word.

My life so far…

I have been married to my high school sweetheart Glenn for over 20 years. We
have 4 incredible children, well teenagers to be exact! We have twin boys 18 and
twin girls 14; yes you did read that right! We have 2 sets of twins.

We have home-schooled our tribe for the past 4 years. Glenn and I love being in
ministry together and hope to do so on a full time basis in the future.

We live in a beautiful wine-growing region of Western Australia.

I am a borderline introvert/extrovert so while I love people and get energized by
seeing God work in their lives I do like to steal away time for myself to quietly

ponder the things God puts on my heart.

I have a Diploma of Ministry and I think Bible College was one of the most
fulfilling seasons in my life. I look forward to continuing my studies in the not to

distant future.

I love to write and to study God’s word. I have an online ministry called Abiding
Providence where I get to write a weekly blog, do monthly video blog and record
regular 1min inspiration spots for radio. I have an eBook that is available
through my blog ‘' for free if you would like to subscribe. When you subscribe you will also get the benefit of a discount on all 'Words of Life Collection' products

In this season I am learning to cut the apron strings and step into a new season in my life. I am feeling the fear and doing it anyway! knowing

that I can trust in the plans God has for me.